Top Suburbs in NZ


A suburb is an area located on the edge of a large city or town and inhabited by people who work in those cities or towns.

Generally, suburbs are less densely populated when compared to inner city neighbourhoods, central cities, and business districts. Historically, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the level of commuting increased due to the rapid improvement in rail and road transport, hence the concept of suburbs.

Asides residential suburbs, other exceptions include planned communities, satellite cities, and industrial suburbs. The proliferation of suburbs is well pronounced in the towns with a plethora of adjacent flatlands. Very few countries around the world have more suburbs, some of which include the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.


Top Suburbs in NZ

Auckland Suburb – Meadowbank

Often referred to as the 'Bridesmaid Suburb,' Meadowbank sits alongside with Remuera, one of the most fashionable suburbs which is jokingly called its groom. Located barely four kilometres from central Auckland, the suburb is home to the Waiatarua Nature Reserve. It is also surrounded by some beautiful places, which include – Otahuhu, Pokeno, Mangere, Manukau, and Silverdale. On housing cost, purchasing a complete modern –two bedrooms flat in this scenic environment will cost around $599,000.

Wellington Suburb – Eastbourne

Ever had the imagination of cruising through a ferry to work? Then Eastbourne is the ideal suburb for you. Located 25 minutes by ferry from central Wellington, the suburb has a rich microclimate that always entices kite surfers and beach lovers who throng in their droves during summer. The cost for a standard, fully equipped, and spacious four bedroom flat is approximately $820,000. Other lovely suburbs in Wellington include Breaker Bay, Petone, Island Bay, Berhampore, and Crofton Downs.

Christchurch Suburb- Lyttelton

Ravaged by 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, the Lyttelton suburb is gradually rejuvenating back to an astounding lifestyle. Popularly known as the first place earliest European settlers reached in New Zealand as far as 1850, this beautiful hillside suburb is home to about 3000 inhabitants. Located at about 2-3 kilometres from Christchurch, the suburb has fantastic features like restaurants, cafes, and distinctive shops. A fully furnished two-bedroom flat in the Lyttelton suburb costs about $665,000. Other suburbs around Lyttelton include Bexley, Bottle Lake, Avonside, Aranui, Aidanfield, and Addington.

Hamilton Suburb – Cambridge

Commonly referred to as the 'Town of trees and champions', Hamilton is home to Cambridge, the scenic suburb. It is called the town of champions due to the significant number of thoroughbred horses raised there. Located about 2km from central Hamilton, Cambridge is a mild suburb graced with beautiful antique shops, heritage buildings, architectural tree-lined streets, restaurants, cafes, and best of all, you can enjoy the view of the Waikato River. On housing, the cost of a standard three-bedroom flat is around $649,000.

Arthurs Point Suburb – Queenstown

Situated between Bowen Peak and Queenstown Hill, Arthurs Point is a reserved suburb with fewer activities. The suburb was named after Thomas Arthur, who discovered gold around the Shotover River banks in 1865. One of its dominant features is the 'Moonlight Track,' a long track that leads to Moke Lake and Ben Lomond. Other outstanding features of the Arthurs Point suburb include the Shotover Jet Company and the short Oxenbridge tunnel track.


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